About This Site

Staff at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) maintain this site to showcase and share work done by CNS related to different aspects of trade compliance, trade analysis, and more generally, nonproliferation.

CNS is the largest nongovernmental global research center focused on the topics of weapons of mass destruction proliferation. While much of CNS’s work focuses on WMD, this site offers a broader scope that spans all areas of export control, trade compliance, and sanctions. The intended audience for this site is the nonproliferation practitioner community and particularly the export compliance community.

The research team who maintain this site at CNS includes the following:

  • Ian Stewart – Executive Director, CNS DC
  • Robert Shaw – Director, Export Control and Nonproliferation Program
  • Paulina Izewicz – Senior Research Associate
  • Eric Woods – Research Associate
  • Cameron Henderson – Research Associate
  • Hyuk Kim – Research Associate
  • Minh Ly – Research Associate
  • Sophia Poteet - DC Office Manager and Research Assistant

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